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Episode 92: Whatever It Takes
There are things we go after in our life where we put in a halfhearted effort. We just the minimum.
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Episode 91: Making Change
Making change in your life can be challenging and uncomfortable. Sometimes things are really complex and it’s difficult to determine
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Episode 90: Connecting
We all have a conditioning that tells us we need to appear a certain way to be loved, accepted, respected,
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Episode 89: Affirm
Often times we are so caught up in trying to be heard, that we miss out on affirming other people.
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Episode 88: What Should I Do with My Life?
While it may seem like our life is already laid out for us by circumstances or other folks, we really
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Episode 87: Leadership Pt 2
Is leadership inborn? Can it be learned? Is leadership what you do, or is it who you are? What is
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