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Episode 70: How to Be a Great Parent
Parenting is so important and as parents, we want to do a great job. Parents’ impact on their child is
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Episode 69: Seek First to Understand
Today on The Impact Hour: Seek First to Understand. Everyone wants to be understood, so you will be greatly appreciated
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Episode 68: Unchained Men
Today on The Impact Hour: Unchained Men As men, we are often left to figure out life on our own.
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The Impact Hour : How to Be More Influential
On this week’s episode of The Impact Hour: How to Be More Influential. How would you like to be more
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Episode 66: Take Back the Power
Today on The Impact Hour: Take Back the Power. We’ll enjoy more freedom and power when we see how we
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Episode 65: Awesome Holiday Visits
On The Impact Hour: Awesome Holiday Visits. Are you going to be visiting with people for the holidays? We will
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