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Episode 84: How to Write a Book
Many of you folks have talked about wanting to write a book. It’s been a back burner project for you
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Episode 83: Telling Your Story
Stories are powerful. People remember stories. Telling your stories is a great way to pass on the wisdom you’ve learned
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Episode 82: What the Goal?
We’ve all heard that we should set goals. So we set goals, but we’re not even sure why we’re setting
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Episode 81: Influence
We all desire a certain level of influence over our world. We desire to raise and influence our kids so
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Episode 80: Mindsets for Your Life
What we believe and how we interpret the world directs our whole life. It influences where we work, where we
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Episode 79: Getting Things Done with People: From the Inside Out
We often want our success to flow easier. We want to be better parents spouses. We want success to come
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