This week’s show is all about sharing your message with the world.  You have something valuable to share with people. Maybe it’s a life lesson you’ve learned that other people need to hear. If you could share a message with the world, what would it be?

We dive deep into various methods of sharing a message:

  • writing
  • speaking
  • video
  • other expressions such as storytelling, advertising and art

Sharing a message doesn’t have to look a certain way. Public speaking, for example, is just one of many options. You can share your message one on one, in small groups or with the masses. If you have a message to share, find a way to share it that works good for you.

The one thing that makes it all worthwhile is creating a deep, lasting positive impact in the lives of other people. So, if you are sharing a message, be sure to check in to make sure it’s having the desired impact.

Episode 5: Share Your Message

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