On this week’s episode of The Impact Hour, Creative to the Core with Deidre Trudeau.

Creative expression gives voice to your soul. When you access your creativity you will experience many benefits such as more success, better problem-solving, richer relationships, and a fuller, more satisfying experience of life.

Learn from Deidre, creativity trainer, team-builder and all-around creative person, how you can enjoy more success and more impact through creativity.

Are you interested in working with Deidre? You can contact her at (916) 803-2787 regarding art instruction, team-building, paint parties, and graphic design.

You can listen to the show live Wednesdays at 2 PM:

Did you miss a show? Show recordings are posted on TheImpactHour.com and are available as a podcast on iTunes, Google Play and more.

Episode 56: Creative to the Core with Deidre Trudeau

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